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Video Conferencing Arrives in Buffalo

by Vince Puglia

Oct 5, 2016 9:39:00 AM

Being born and raised in Buffalo, NY, I've heard every joke and stereotype imaginable: 

  • Yes, I know the acronym for BILLS is Boy, I Love Losing SuperBowls....
  • No, Buffalo is not basically part of Canada, eh...
  • Yes, we buy our your kid's halloween costume two sizes too big so it can fit over the snowsuit....
  • No, everyone does not eat Buffalo wings (we just call them wings).... 

Ok maybe the last one is true and to top it off, Buffalo has never been on the bleeding-edge of adopting technology. We're not luddites, but rather fashionably late to every party. But something caught my eye while I was walking through the Buffalo airport last week. It was something I've never seen in all my travels at any airport. There it was, near the luggage claim, next to the car pickup area - a brand new, shiny public videophone booth. Like a dog with two tales, I immediately needed to check it out.

Developed by Sorenson VRS (a Dialogic customer), the videophone booth is for individuals with hearing disabilities, enabling them to utilize sign-language interpreters for communicating with voice telephone users. For individuals with hearing disabilities and their interpreters, having high quality video is not important; it's critical. The subtleties of sign language need to be picked up by the interpreter and if missed, can mean the difference between 'I am sick' and 'I am disease'... close but not the same. Fortunately, WebRTC is the technology that enables high quality video to the clients/customers but it's those server-side infrastructure features such as transcoding and centralized recording that deliver a premium business-class service. 

Perhaps WebRTC has closed the ubiquitous gap needed for video acceptance...or just maybe the arrival of video in Buffalo is a sign the times are changing. Maybe from now on we'll be to the party on time; don't worry we'll bring the wings, eh. 





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Topics: WebRTC, VoLTE/VoWifi & IMS