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Video is the New Voice – But How?

by Alan Percy

May 19, 2017 11:42:45 AM

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Real-time video is finding its way into a wide range of applications and industries, including IoT, financial services, education, public safety, and social media.  Video doorbells, home security, virtual insurance adjusters, and video identity verification are becoming mainstream applications that improve security and reduce operational expenses.  Behind these applications is WebRTC technology - providing a standardized method of integrating voice and video into web browsing and client applications. However, despite the hard work put into WebRTC, the effort to integrate WebRTC multi-party video interactions into an application can be daunting.  Many of the applications noted above require centralized recording, multi-party conferencing, mobile-friendly transcoding and other features outside the scope of simple peer-to-peer calling.

To address these issues, Dialogic has teamed with Telestax to enhance their communications application development environment, visual designer and APIs to integrate advanced video features.   Based on TeleStax Restcomm and Dialogic PowerMedia XMS, developers can create user-friendly applications that utilize video with a high-level drag-and-drop or mark-up language tools.

Dialogic is participating in two upcoming events to demonstrate how developers can integrate video into applications:

Restconn 2017: A gathering of the Restcomm developer community hosted May 22-25th in Prague, Czech Republic.  The event is an action packed three days of live demonstrations, presentations, a solutions showcase and the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.  TeleStax and Dialogic will be presenting a session titled “Video is the new Voice” on Tuesday, May 23rd.  Presented by Guilherme Jansen and Vince Puglia, this is a technical session focused on the enhancements offered by the integration and new API extensions.

For those that miss the above event, there will be a live webinar event titled “Video-enable your Application” held on June 13th at 2:00 PM ET.   Designed as a “how to” event, the webinar will show how video can be integrated into applications using the integrated TeleStax and Dialogic technologies.  Pre-registration is required.  To participate Register Now.

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