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WebRTC & Cloud Communications Workshop – Who’s Attending?

by Alan Percy

Sep 14, 2016 9:53:35 AM


When the idea was hatched to organize a traveling workshop to teach the basics of WebRTC and Cloud Communications, we weren’t quite sure who (if anyone) would sign-up and spend a day with us.  Would it be hard-core developers?  Beginners?  Nobody? I was really nervous. Now that registration has been open a few weeks, nervousness has been replaced by AMAZEMENT!  Based on the registrations, we have a great group of participants planning to spend a day with us - but who?

Our kickoff session to be held at Dialogic’s corporate headquarters on September 27 is nearly sold out with just a couple seats remaining.  A bonus for this session is a chance to meet some of the executives and developers, along with a lunchtime tour of the facility.

The response to our September 29th workshop in Santa Clara, CA has far exceeded our expectations, requiring a waitlist for participants that we couldn’t accommodate this stop and are interested in us organizing a second session.  Not to worry, we’ll be sure to return to the Bay Area as soon as possible – do get on the waitlist by registering and you’ll get first dibs on the return visit.

The October 4th stop in Naperville (outside Chicago) also has only a few seats open – those interested in that stop should snap up their seat while they have a chance.

Even our November sessions in Paris, France and Lisbon, Portugal are already half booked.

So who are all these people?

They span the range of job titles from CEOs, CTOs, developers with years of experience, students, IT systems administrators, web developers, software developers and software engineers,  consultants, independent contractors, founders, and principals. 

Looking at the company names, we see recognized names in the financial services industry, major compute platform companies, carrier softswitch makers, service providers, insurance companies, self-employed consultants, and developers.

Across industries and markets, the desire to enhance business productivity or offer new services is clear. People are ready to learn how custom applications can be built for the cloud.

Interested in participating?  Check out the WebRTC & Cloud Communications event page for dates and locations and register to save your seat.

Not near one of our planned sites?   Suggest a site by sending me a note with your suggestion. 

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