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WebRTC Debuts at IBM InterConnect 2016

by Alan Percy

Feb 26, 2016 3:56:25 PM

For developers building enterprise applications, WebRTC is an intriguing opportunity to bring voice and video communications capabilities to interactions with consumers, employees, and business partners.  Until recently, building complex WebRTC applications was a “heavy lift,” relying on a patchwork of software tools and technologies that often were not up to the challenge of enterprise scaling. This last week at IBM InterConnect 2016, IBM debuted their WebRTC capabilities with Websphere Liberty.  WebSphere Liberty is a fast and easy-to-use application server, based on a mix of IBM and open-source software.  When used with Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS, WebSphere Liberty creates the foundation for multi-media enterprise WebRTC applications.

The Demonstration

Of the featured demonstrations in the WebSphere Application pavilion, IBM showed an example that integrated business applications and communications using WebRTC.   Brian Pulito, a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM spent a few minutes with me explaining the demonstrations and how they fit into the overall WebSphere vision from IBM.


Brian Pulito in front of the demonstration screen

The first demonstration showed a typical in-bound calling application that integrates PSTN calling with web agents.  A typical use case often found in contact centers or help-desk applications, inbound calling applications often integrate IVR or voice interacting to help route the call to the proper agent. In this case the in-bound calling came from Twilio SIP Trunks, transcoding by Dialogic PowerMedia XMS and delivered to a Chrome browser session.  Call control for the demonstration is managed by WebSphere Liberty, while conversion of the media from DTLS to SRTP and G.711 to the Opus codec is performed by the PowerMedia XMS media server.  The end-result is a seamless experience where inbound calls are delivered to a browser with high quality. 


Demonstration of a WebRTC Application with IBM WebSphere

Fully implemented in IBM’s BlueMix cloud platform, the demonstration can also be found for the next few weeks on the web using the current Chrome browser, visiting: https://browser-call.wasdev.developer.ibm.com.  Select your region and click “Try it Out."

Learn More

You can listen in to a podcast interview with Brian Pulito as he explains the demonstrations and the pieces that they pulled together to bring real-time communications to Websphere. 

Learn more about IBM WebSphere Liberty or the role of media servers in WebRTC solutions.  And as always, you can subscribe to this blog for regular updates on this and other related topics.

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