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WebRTC Demo Highlights from the TADMeetup

by Vince Puglia

Jul 21, 2014 5:56:11 AM


On July 16, Dialogic hosted the second Telecom Application Developer (TAD) Meetup at our office in Parsippany, N.J. The TADMeetup drew application developers from the tri-state area who  are interested in helping evolve WebRTC communications technologies and practices. More than 22 people from 16 different companies attended the event.

Alan Quayle, telecom industry guru and WebRTC expert, was on hand to chair the meeting and brought with him insights about what other companies are doing around the world in this space. From the financial industry, to medical and healthcare uses, to the enterprise, Alan is in the know about WebRTC use cases and shares his insights freely. That’s the beauty of this event: developers come together and share best practices in an open forum where everyone can network and learn from one another. Alan also mentioned that the upcoming TAD Summit will be held in Istanbul this November.

There were four demonstrations given at the event. I presented two, including the hack I put together for the 2014 TADHack, which featured a mashup of using Tropo for voice services, Dialogic PowerMedia XMS media server for video and HTML5 canvases for user interaction. The full submission pitch can be viewed here. The second demo I presented was a flexible multi-party user interface (UI) that used Dialogic’s XMS MCU to perform the conference mixing. This was built with our new partner Priologic using a combination of Node.js for the server-side scripting, HTML5 for the flexible canvas UI, and the REST API for controlling the XMS MCU.

Other demonstrations included another TADHack submission by Aswath Kajana which showed deep contexting with WebRTC and the ability to pass specific information about a user session. For instance, if an ecommerce viewer looking to make a purchase has a question, the deep contexting Aswath presented will translate the information about the customer to the agent side.

Last, but not least, was a presentation by Francis Zane from Kiswe Mobile demonstrating the company’s product, Mystics Live. The Mystics Live app allows fans to watch sporting events with an interactive and innovative user experience that includes changing camera angles, rolling instant replays and viewing integrated statistics. It’s a great concept, and one that lent itself to some productive conversation about how else WebRTC can enhance the user experience. You can see Mystic Live in action by downloading it from Apple’s App Store.

The next TADMeetup is sure to bring out more interesting opportunities and use cases, and I look forward to attending. We’re looking for input for the next agenda, so add your comments to the TADMeetup forum if you are interested in attending and want to discuss a particular topic. Stay tuned for the event details by following us on Twitter. I look forward to seeing you there.