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What is a TADHack?

by Jolene Pierangeli

Apr 2, 2015 9:37:03 AM

What is a TADHack? Should I Participate?


If you have been following our social messaging, you probably noticed that we are going to be participating in TADHack-mini London, which will be focusing on WebRTC.  You may have wondered or are wondering, “What is this?” So, I am going to tell you what is and why you should be participating if you are a developer.

First, let’s get down to the basics, and the beloved acronym TAD.  This is otherwise known as Telecom Application Developer.  Hack is the fun part, the part that allows the developer to build applications on specified products and gives you a chance to win prizes for your hacker finesse.   While this is a simplified definition, the idea is pretty simple. You—the telecom developer—get to hack the latest technology. 

Did you know that TADHack is ”the only global meeting place for developers who  want to learn, share, code, and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications.”  This definition alone should make your fingers tingle with code excitement if you are a developer.  Since these are global events, you can participate anywhere there is an event or virtually.  Still not sure if this is for you? Take a look at the participating companies under developer resources to see all the cool products available to hack.  Each event has different companies so there are always new products to check out. We are participating in London and the Hackathon in June. We have our award winning media server available for you to build on. 

Last year, our own Vince Puglia was the winner with his myVirtualLesson application.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity, register for the event today and reap the benefits of participation.  Will you be next winner?

Have questions?  Feel free to comment or contact Vince directly.  Follow @Dialogic on Twitter to stay on top of all the TADHack news.


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