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Whatever Happened to Dialogic Boards?

by Jim Machi

Oct 18, 2016 9:10:15 AM

what happened to dialogic boardsI stopped wearing Dialogic shirts in airports many many years ago, simply because I often got stopped by people who used our boards and wanted to talk about them.  I still remember the event that tipped me - someone asked me if a PEB bus could go to 5 feet in length.  (Note: I knew the answer back then, but I don’t remember what it was – probably no, though).

Anyway, I recently wore my Dialogic shirt in an airport for the first time in 15 years and voila, I got stopped by someone.  I guess I’m just such a friendly looking guy.  But anyway, the person wanted to know “what happened to Dialogic boards?” We had a good conversion.

So what happened to them?  Well, first of all, we still sell those boards – JCT, D/41’s, Diva, etc.  Not nearly as many as we used to, but yes, we still sell them.  This was shocking for this person to hear since, to him, the PSTN is “dead.” But the PSTN is still there, people still use it, solutions need to connect to it, and the Dialogic boards are excellent for that. Some companies also keep their solutions because they WORK with the Dialogic boards and put a VoIP gateway behind or in front of it to interface with the IP world. 

However, and this may be more shocking to readers, we still even get design wins for these boards.  Design wins on these boards in today’s day and age?  Why is that?   Well, there are some segments that still rely on the old infrastructure, and use modem technology to send data.  Aggregation of the modem data via a high density modem card is typical. 

One such segment is Point of Sale (POS) for instance and Dialogic has been active in this area for years. Additionally, IoT has enabled, or maybe I should say reinvigorated, remote metering.  Again, gas and electric meters send info via modem and an aggregation of the data needs to happen.  Dialogic has seen design win activity here as well.

So that’s what’s happened. 


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