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Where is Open Source Software Likely To Be Found In Service Provider Networks?

by Jim Machi

Dec 1, 2015 10:00:00 AM


Dialogic recently commissioned STL Partners to find out more about how SPs view Open Source software in their networks.  We went into this project with the theory that SPs are less resistant to Open Source than they used to be.  And we found this to be true in that many SPs are in fact using it or openly considering using it.  Some open source, such as Red-Hat Linux is being used since it is highly mature and is commercially supported.  So maturity and commercial support is key.

It also turns out that many SPs will also use their own employees potentially as guinea pigs by using open source software in employee-facing apps since they are less “business critical”.  I don’t know, I always thought employees were critical, but maybe that’s just because I am one.  They also use open source with customer-facing apps that are executed periodically and not all the time.

And it seems that new service areas will see more open source software. This makes total sense since these are new services, so go with the newest software out there such as KVM and OpenStack.  And many new-ish software has at least some open source components in it.  Dialogic products, in fact, have some open source components in some of our newer products as well.  It’s just a quicker and more established way to get to a working product.

To find out more about SPs and their attitude towards Open Source, listen to this informative TMC podcast with Alan Percy from Dialogic, XO, and the CEO of NetSapiens.  

Topics: NFV/SDN & Cloud