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With Live Darshan, Subscribers Can Phone Om

by Tim Moynihan

Aug 19, 2015 11:49:00 AM

attend religious service though your phone

When 3G arrived, it was an eye-opening experience for mobile subscribers. But a religious experience? As it turns out, yes. One company, Spice Digital, is using real-time video streaming on 3G/4G devices to bring people closer to the religious experience of their choice. Based in India, Spice offers mobile network operators a suite of value-added services ranging from live broadcasts of religious prayers (known as Aartis) to downloadable devotionals. If variety is the spice of life, then Spice is the variety of the spirit. The company offers mobile services for a spiritually rich region that includes Hindus, Sikhs, and Moslems. The company believes in promoting harmony through diversity and simplicity by allowing mobile subscribers to easily view, share, and record prayers, songs and full services from their cellphones.

Aartis for Aartis’ Sake

One of the services offered by Spice Digital is Live Darshan, which streams live Aartis (prayers employed in both Hindu and Sikh services) from some of the world’s leading religious sites including Sri Pratna Sahib and Govind Dev Ji. Several leading mobile network operators offer the Live Darshan service to their subscribers, providing a direct “prayer line” to some of the world’s oldest and most revered religious institutions.

Dialogic is helping Spice Digital’s customers make a deeper spiritual connection on their smartphones by providing the video gateway and media processing technology behind the scenes. Using Dialogic products, companies like Spice Digital can quickly and reliably deploy their services across a multitude of mobile devices.

If you think legacy 2G devices haven’t got a prayer of using this service, think again. They can still get real-time audio feeds of the Aartis without the visual component using the Live Darshan service. 3G/4G users can enjoy the full audio/video experience by simply dialing the service shortcode and ordering up some inner peace. The Live Darshan service also has a notification feature that alerts subscribers when a new Aarti is about to begin, helping subscribers stay in step with their devotions wherever they are—bringing new meaning to the idea of religious freedom.

The ubiquity and mobility of smartphones make them a natural choice for personal growth in all its forms, from education to social engagement to spiritual enrichment. Spice Digital is helping ensure that individuals make can more meaningful connections with their mobile devices by exploring some of the world’s leading religious temples/mosques and participating in real-time prayer services around the world.

Just think of it as Om phone service for a new generation.

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