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XMS 3.3 – Outbound Calling and Notification

by Alan Percy

May 5, 2017 2:18:05 PM

This is the second of a multi-part blog series, explaining some of the many features and functions found in the newly released PowerMedia XMS 3.3 software.

xms 3.3 outbound calling features

Outbound calling applications – reverse 911, contact center call-backs, medication reminder notifications, and conferencing applications all depend on detecting whether an outbound call was completed, and then, whether it was answered by a person or a machine.   Correctly detecting the success (or failure) of an outbound call allows an application to decide whether to retry the call, leave a voice message or connect the call to an agent.  Dialogic has been a leader in developing reliable Call Progress Analysis (CPA) algorithms since the early board-level DSP products, carrying this expertise to XMS. 

One of the challenges with CPA is the variability of network tones around the globe. If you’ve ever called into Europe or Asia, you know that ring-back, busy and network error tones vary based on the destination of the call.   Automatic detection of these country-specific tones is sufficient for some applications, but having control over the algorithm detection parameters and profile can improve reliability and efficiency.

Previous PowerMedia XMS version have supported Call Progress Analysis (CPA) for some time, and XMS 3.3 enhances CPA with several API extensions to give the application developer more control over the process and detection profile.

“Notification and Reverse 911 applications depend on detecting whether an outbound call is answered and whether the call was answered by a person, answering system or received a network error,” said Diane Myers, Senior Research Director, IHS Markit. “The enhanced call progress analysis controls included in XMS 3.3 will be especially useful for developers.”

The newly released PowerMedia XMS 3.3 expands the CPA API controls and is ideal for outbound calling applications that will server a global marketplace.  Interested in giving it a try?  You can download a FREE trial copy of the software at the PowerMedia XMS Product Landing Page.

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